Today’s tutorial is brought to us by our very own recently-retired-shipper Dixie! Please stop in at her blog, What’s Next. She has super cute stuff there.

I’ve seen several “tutorials” for tying ribbon on cards, and I thought I’d add mine. This method uses no adhesive or glue, and trust me, it’s not going anywhere! You only need to make one tie, and you don’t have to worry about the tightness of the ribbon around your project. It will be tight, and it won’t move.

I’m working on some hearts for cards for Operation Write Home, and this technique makes card making quick when you’re doing multiples.

You’ll need your project, ribbon, and a hole punch. I generally grab my “anywhere” punch, but any punch will do. Pick the hole size based on the width and thickness of the ribbon.

Punch the hole where you want the ribbon tie to be.

Lay your ribbon across your project.

Flip your project over and thread the ends through the hole. (I sometimes use a skewer to push the ends through.)

Pull! Try to keep the ends even, and pull them on either side of the ribbon on the front of your project.

Make any adjustments. Sometimes you need to straighten a “twist.”

Tie and clip the ends!

Here’s a picture of the back. It’s nice and flat, and it’s not going to move!

You can see another example of this technique on my niece’s wedding invitations HERE.

Thanks, Dixie, for sharing this technique with us! Remember, everyone, if you have a technique to share, please contact me at