With an empty spot on the blog today – and with me being awake hours before I needed to today, agh! – I thought I’d take time to let you all know what’s been shakin’ at CHA so far!

We arrived on Saturday, and our team met to set up our booth! CHA has an area set up called the Community Park – all the nonprofits are in this red-and-white striped section, which has lots of chairs and tables in the middle. There are faux trees, topiaries, and fake grass πŸ™‚ Yep it’s a park!

Our booth is the second one in on the right, half of it showing in this view.

The early skeleton of our booth…we hung up a flag signed by our heroes, and added our banner in the back!

I’m really hoping we can all be at the booth at once, I was hoping our ‘first’ photo would be a full group shot…but this is like herding cats…once we think we have everyone, another disappears! πŸ™‚
Sunday morning started with the FLASHMOB! I’m still waiting for the video – but what a hoot. It looked like about 75 people in the group to me…we wore our pink aprons (under our OWH ones til it was “time”….everyone else covered theirs with jackets etc). The music suddenly started, and we flung off the covering of our aprons β€”and danced our little hearts out!
Strike that “scissors” pose!
Yeah baby! I’ve now done a flashmob! Bucket list checked off!

And I wanted to share a crazy thing that happened in the last few days….remember me telling you we weren’t going to bother to go vote anymore? Well….one of our heroes saw that post. And his reply to me: “No way. You can’t quit. We got this!” So the link to vote has been going around Afghanistan and parts beyond, so guess what? We’re back in first place?!?

Okay, back to CHA! We have six of us taking turns at the booth all week, in shifts of 2 hours, with three at the booth at any given time. With our goal of 1000 cards, we’d need to make 25 cards an hour all weekβ€”agh! So we’ve been sitting down with our visitors and making cards right along with them! We have all our prepared kits, and each card has its parts in an envelope…so we place that and the tools needed in front of each crafter, and they go to town!

Volunteers Samantha and Debbi working hard!
Our guns are loaded!

A lovely donation jar on the counter, made by Sue. Leslie’s manning the front desk.

One of Sunday’s thank you card kits.

This card kit got a LOT of attention! Recognize that clock?

Mom, I love you! And your May Arts ribbon too.

I took a shift at the table! 
Debbie and Leslie: May we help you?

 I don’t have many pictures from the rest of my day – I am so bad about remembering to get out the camera! But….I spent my time Sunday visiting existing OWH partners and delivering some love to them…thank you certificates and copies of our Annual Review! It was an ‘easy’ day for me that way….spending my time with folks who already know and love us, and sharing successes as opposed to selling them on the idea of playing along with us.

Of course Hero Arts was on the top of my list. They had our stamps prominently in their booth….this was taken during setup:

I had a wonderful chat with the man you all have dubbed “Mr Hero Arts” – and he was so thrilled with how our partnership has begun! I asked how sales were doing and he said it’s going wonderfully. Wonderfully enough that he thinks we need some more stamp sets! So get your thinking caps on ladies, they welcome our ideas!! I’ll be talking with him further when he stops by our booth….we’ll see if we can talk him into making a card πŸ™‚ And I promise pics!

Lots of our other partners were so excited to see us, and are asking if we’ll do another hop like the 11.11.11 one….I didn’t realize just how much they liked that! So stay tuned for more…we might have to have a bunch of them so we can fit everyone in on short hops πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I was passing by the Ranger booth and saw Tim demoing the new distress markers….I couldn’t hear much from standing behind him, but I was more fascinated with the new paper he showed – it’s not glossy but not dull – it’s kind of a cross between them. It stamps SUPERclear detail, and takes alcohol inks…I’d love to try some Copics on it, so I might take some supplies over and see if I can do some testing. Will let you know what I learn! (And they’re working on a Tim tutorial on the distress markers, so keep an eye on his blog.)

And here was the booth of my fears….lol. Glitter on the FLOOR! Aiyeeee, I tiptoed around it πŸ™‚ It was SO shiny! πŸ™‚

Last night I had a very very special treat….while our team went off to have dinner, I got to see my little buddies, Lainey and her brother Jace!!! They came to Anaheim with their mom (Samantha) and grandma…..grandma is taking them to Disney, the beach, etc, while mom works at our booth. But I snuck in some time with them….Burger King, coloring images, and playing wayyyyyyy too much Plants and Zombies while snuggling up together. What a perfect evening!

During my lunchbreak yesterday I shot a superfast vlog….I’m having all kinds of connectivity issues here, so even posting the link on Facebook was a challenge. So if you missed it – here you go!

Today’s plan: Lots of running around and meeting some new folks…..some of whom I’ve ‘met’ in email before but never face to face. I am soooooo looking forward to putting faces to names!
One last thing – our hotel has these really cute towels folded on our bathroom sink – I’m going to see if I can make a card inspired by this at our booth this morning. Let’s see what I can come up with!