I met a brand new company at CHA last month….Kite Tails Designs! They’ve got some really fantastic masculine papers, and though they didn’t have samples they could send me home with…they did give me the papers that had been hanging on their booth! lol. They were curled (to show both sides) so I had some flattening out to do. But oh how cute. Ribbon/ricrack/trims to match, stickers too!

Kailyn, the owner–and designer!!–is sweet enough to be offering us some candy! Go leave a comment on YouTube (you can comment here but winners will be chosen from YT) by Sunday night, and let her know which of her three lines are your favorite. The goodie pack will be from that line!

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A bit of a challenging use of stickers…we see this a lot with colors that just don’t pop off each other.
See below to find out how much difference layers can make!