You’re on the OWH creative blog, Stars and Stamps – visit our homepage too!

The Operation Write Home site has a LOT of information…. We advise visiting us on Facebook for quick answers to your basic questions – we have hundreds of old hands ready to share their knowledge! This page has some quick basics for newbies.

For crafters of all levels:

  1. Be sure to go order a free OWH stamp for the back of your cardsright now – when you’re ready to mail cards, your stamp will be there! And yes you can put your own info on the back of the card as well.
  2. Any quantity of cards is great – we encourage taking your time and doing your best work, since they’ll be used by America’s best! Use your finest cardstock, do your best stamping, your yummiest embellishing…justkeep away from GLITTER and don’t overdo the dimension – think “shirt button” thickness instead of “vintage button” depth. We want the cards to survive the PO!
  3. A2 size cards (4.25 x 5.5) are strongly preferred.
  4. Envelopes aren’t absolutely required, BUT if you can provide envies andtuck the cards and sort them by categories as you pack your box, it helps our shippers a lot. They put in crazy hours of labor preparing the shipments, and your assistance is appreciated!
  5. Include a donation along with your cards if you wish – or PayPal it right now – to ensure our work continues!
  6. Include some AnyHero cards/letters in every package too if you can.

Have children? Get them involved!

  1. Kids are encouraged only to make cards with notes in them for our heroes to keep! Lots of info is here if you’re interested!

Brand new to cardmaking? Welcome to the addiction!

  1. We have lots of resources to help you learn…one of the best places to start is this Stars and Stamps blog, where we share:
    1. sketches (card design ideas) on Sundays
    2. tutorials on Tuesdays
    3. challenges on Wednesdays
    4. feature one of our crafters on Fridays.
    5. There’s also a great Glossary to help you out with terms that are new to you!
  2. Our best advice for new crafters is to take your time and pour lots of love into your cards.
  3. We encourage quality over quantity – our heroes deserve the best!
  4. Our shippers have to repair cards that are falling apart due to poor quality (or not enough) adhesive, or add liners inside cards too dark to write on with a pencil – so staying out of the “card hospital” is a big help.
  5. See the video on the Mailroom page for a view of what cards go through.


Join us on Thursday nights, 6:30pm Pacific (9:30pm Eastern), for our live OWHtv show! It’s right here on the internet, hosted by our founder/president Sandy, and you can live chat with other crafters throughout the show! Here’s our collected playlist of past shows on YouTube:

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